Friends of CWB argue fairness and property rights before Federal Court

Last week the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board legal team, representing farmer plaintiffs from across the west, filed a legal brief with the Federal Court of Canada in connection with their class action law suit to seek $17 billion in compensation from Ottawa for ending the farmer owned single desk Canadian Wheat Board.

The legal brief has been filed in response to the Federal government’s contention grain producers have no interest in the assets and goodwill of the CWB and the Federal Court should therefore dismiss the farmers’ Class Action.
One of the Friends’ attorneys Anders Bruun summarized the farmers’ response by saying “the key concept here is fairness. Producers paid to build up the CWB and never got anything when government tore it down.”

Stewart Wells, the organization’s chairperson and a former farmer-elected Director of the Canadian Wheat Board went on to observe “the Federal government is taking a very narrow and self-serving view of property rights. Our position is all the property of the Canadian Wheat Board was built by farmers and part of that value is the reputation for honesty and quality which our Board developed.”
Bruun concluded by saying “This case raises fundamental questions about the nature and extent of collective property rights in organizations enabled by government but in this case, built by and for producers. It will require the Court to consider the inherent characteristics of property and address the central question of whether it is fair for government to take something that others have created, without compensating them.”

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